My Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Workout Review

An Honest Review of the Bikini Body Guide from Kayla Itsines

Are you considering buying the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide? DON’T!

Read my review before you do – I might just help you save a TON of money.

My name is Sarah G. and I’m a mother of one and a recent ex-wife. My son’s father recently decided he wanted to run away with a younger, thinner version of me, so I’ve been working to pick up the pieces of my life since.

While he had been entertaining this fling for what turned out to be a YEAR, I had been spending most of my money (I work as a teacher) on everything our young son needed. By the time I caught my husband in the act of cheating, I didn’t have much left in my savings.

I don’t want to go into too much detail on my sob story, but the break up was extremely messy, and ruined me emotionally and financially. I sank into a deep depression, and could barely be motivated to do anything. I was a shell of my former self, only going through the motions of life.

I gained weight. I felt extremely unhealthy. And I lacked the motivation and discipline to do anything about it.

I needed HELP. But there was no one I could count on for it but myself. So I committed to making the change. I wanted to be a better mom, to take control my life, and get back to my old self.

I fully believe that other women like me who still care about themselves but don’t have a lot of free time should still have options as far as weight loss goes.

So my Googling lead me to the very popular Kayla Itsines, and her famous workout, the Bikini Body Guide.

Now, before I go further, I want to give you a warning. My Bikini Body Guide review is going to be different than all the other reviews out there. I made the choice to refund it and get my money back and I’m going to tell you EXACTLY WHY! So keep reading before you buy ANYTHING relating to the BBG!

I’m just turning 38 and I’ve noticed that I’m 25 pounds heavier than I used to be just a few years ago. The weight crept up on me slowly and I didn’t have any timbikini body guidee or idea how to fight back. That’s why I began to look into ways to lose weight and keep the weight off.  I started to get more and more self-conscious, and I live in Florida so I couldn’t really just try and avoid each and every occasion that involved me showing off my body.

That’s what makes this review different others. I know what it’s like to just want to lose weight fast, and at the same time keep that weight off for the long haul. WITHOUT resorting to some sort of fad diet, or even worse, yo-yo diet (which would just be undone later).

I wanted a permanent change.

I found out about the BBG workout through Instagram, and I noticed she advertised that you would be able to get results in “12 weeks or less”, which was incredibly alluring to me. So I decided to trust in this beach body diet. Little did I know that a program offering such quick results is actually a red flag.

So Who Is Kayla Itsines?


This is the famous fitness guru, Kayla Itsines. She’s a 24 year old fitness model born and raised in Adelaide, Australia. She started her own personal training course in 2008 at the Australian Institute of Fitness. It was during this training course that she began to recognize repeated complaints from women trying to lose weight, and started to develop a targeted method to solve common issues.

She decided to address the overall desire most women had, to get their perfect “bikini body”. With this in mind, she created her BBG workout guide to help women find a beach body workout and diet.

My Kayla Itsines Workout Review


I don’t know about the rest of you, but the costs of something is the most important factor for me to take into consideration.

  • BBG 1.0 (Weeks 1-12) is priced at $69.97.
  • BBG 2.0 (Weeks 13-34) is priced at $69.97.
  • Then, if you want to get the additional H.E.L.P. nutritional guide, you have to pay an ADDITIONAL payment of $69.97.

That’s already a grand total of $209.91!

Not to mention the additional hidden costs of buying your own equipment and whatnot, or a gym membership at the very least.

Yeah yeah, but is it worth the money?

No! Well, I’ll say it is and isn’t. Let me explain…

Itsines’ workout is pretty expensive on its own, but then Kayla also recommends that you purchase benches, steps, a medicine ball, dumbbell weights, and even one of those flashy heart rate monitors!

These additional expenses added together will easily total over another $200.. that a total of $400 spent before you are what Kayla would deem “ready” to follow her BBG workout program!

Even her H.E.L.P. Nutritional guide has quite the expensive list of foods and recipes for you to make. Healthy food does tend to be on the more expensive side, but she takes it to the extreme with borderline gourmet-style foods.

My Issue With The Workoutnot-worth-it-300x169

$200 to buy the complete bikini body workout program (all weeks and the nutritional program). Then around $200 to get the recommended workout items including the fitness tracker. A total of $400.

There are entirely TOO many extra costs involved in buying what should be a simple workout.

Still, I wanted to give it a fair chance. One of my girlfriends purchased the bikini body guides, so she agreed to workout with me a few times so I could get a feel for the program.

A trial run sounded fantastic to me… but after just a few days, I quit! Less than a week may seem a little early, but quite frankly, I found myself bored while I was following the guide. Sorry Kayla but I am not a fan.

Naturally, my bikini body guide results were pretty lackluster. I can only imagine how much worse I would have felt if I had actually paid full price for the workout.

Do the Bikini Body Guides actually work?

Like I said, the BBG workout is insanely popular, as is Kayla Itsines, so I KNOW that people are seeing good results. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

I just did not feel like the guides were wortht the money. Plus, I honestly got the feeling the exercises themselves were intermediate – like the guide was more for people who had experience working out.

I was looking for something that would be a great workout for beginners.

And Luckily, I found that in the alternative workout that I now use, which I got from

The Kayla Itsines Alternative I Use Now

Following my experience with the bikini body guides, I was pretty disappointed with myself and with the program itself. I had gotten lucky that my friend had it, otherwise I would have been out two hundred dollars, or MORE if I had purchased all the recommended equipment.

I started to check out other reviews and started noticing other women who had bad experiences with the program. Funnily enough, it’s one of these very posts that lead me to find another program.

It was then that I came across The Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.


Let me compare both these programs so you can understand what I felt when I found out about them:

TypeJen FerrugiaKayla Itsines
BeginnerLevel 1 - $29.99BBG 1.0 - $69.97
AdvancedLevel 2 - $19.99BBG 2.0 - $69.97
Nutrition GuideFREEH.E.L.P. - $69.97
Total$49.98$209.91 + Additional Costs

It’s plain to see that Jen Ferruggia, with the complete workout guide (which I DO recommend) and the nutritional guide cost 1/4 the price of the Kayla Itsines workout guide.

As you can see, the Bikini Body Workouts provide more with an overall MUCH better deal.

I highly suggest you check out the Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workouts. Their official website is

Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workout – What You Get


  • A complete ebook guide that also comes with instructional videos
  • A 60 day money back guarantee – the program is sold through Clickbank, an online product retailer, that has a mandatory 2 month refund window. That means you get 2 months to try the Bikini Body workouts and see if you like them
  • A FREE nutritional guide – unlike Kayla’s Workout – that is pretty much the ideal beach body diet.
  • 21-day Booty Blast (who doesn’t want a better butt?)
  • Shopping list to get groceries
  • and more!

Not to mention you get MONTHLY workouts and all of this is available instantly when you purchase Jen Ferruggia’s program! It’s a no brainer which one I’d personally rather spend my money on.

I’ve been following Jen’s guides for 3 weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. I learn everyday, work up a sweat, and eat food I love eating.

UPDATE: My Before and After Results 

Hey everyone, I thought I would come back and post my progress since switching over the Bikini Body Workouts instead of sticking with Kayla Itsines.

kayla itsines results

Since following the 12 week bikini body challenge I’ve also seen mental health improvements. No more brain fog, I’m focused, and even when I wake up – I feel like I can conquer the world.

It feels great having the energy to keep up with my energetic son. Plus, I know my transformation will serve as motivation for him down the road.

The workouts are fun and easy to do at home, and can be completed pretty quickly as well.

I’ve regained a lot my self-confidence, and I’m not embarrassed at all to strut around on a beach.  The program has proven easy for other people to pick up as well. Some of my close friends who admired my transformation have since started doing the workouts with me and are seeing rapid weight loss. I owe it all to Ferruggia and her workouts.

I realize you probably came here looking for a review of just the Kayla Itsines Bikini Workout, but I couldn’t just shoot it down without giving you gives my personal recommendation for an alternative. Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you guys which program you choose to use and which you don’t. I just wish you luck in your weight loss endeavors!

JEN FERRUGGIAIf you EVER happen to read my review, thank you SO MUCH. Your workout program has changed my life. For anyone else considering sticking with Bikini Body Guides – Go for it! Ultimately, this journey taught me that the most important thing is finding a workout that works for YOU. For me, that meant the Bikini Body Workouts. But if that means something else for you – follow your heart.

Make the decision yourself, go to Jen Ferrugia’s official site and look into her workout program!

If you have any question about the BBG workout or Jen’s Bikini Body Workout, please leave a comment below and I’ll help you as soon as I can. I want everyone to have the same sort of results I was able to!


I spent a long time looking for the BBG coupon, but it didn’t seem to work. However, Jen Ferruggia has a coupon code available for the Bikini Body Workouts! Simply use the code “pageid11” at the checkout page.


  1. Hi Sarah, very inspiring stuff.

    After seeing your results I had to get myself a copy as well and it’s great so far, really loving it! Heads up though and hope you don’t mind me sharing this but I found a coupon for the bikini body workouts – “pageid11” which worked when I entered it here and saved 10% off!


    • Sarah G. Sarah G. at

      WOW! I checked it out to make sure it worked, and I was impressed that it actually did – must be some sort of insider information from Kayla, are you on her email list or something?

      Anyway, I’ve updated the review to include this helpful information. Thanks a lot.

  2. I’m on week 3 of Jens bikini body workouts and also seeing good results. I love all the before and after pics on Jens site and seeing your results is very inspiring. Lets do this!

  3. I was just about to buy the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide but to expensive for me! Thanks for the info.

    • Sarah G. Sarah G. at

      No problem, it’s exactly why I made this post in the first place.

  4. Hey Sarah, thanks a LOT for sharing this review of the program! I was near buying the program myself until I read your blog, so thanks for that. I want to start Jen’s BBG instead of Kayla’s now – your results are pretty undeniable. Did you follow the eating plan she provides as well? Did you do the home workouts or the in gym version with equipment? Thanks in advance for answering my questions, hopefully I’ll be on my way to my own beachbody shortly.

    • Sarah G. Sarah G. at

      No problem Henri! Thanks for reading, I’m glad I could help someone else make an informed decision after reading my review. To answer your questions, yes I did follow the eating plan, but I was not super strict with it. Do whatever is most comfortable for you. As far as the workouts go, I prefer to do ALL my workouts at home due to the convenience factor (which is why I reviewed these workouts in the first place). My tip is to form the best plan that can keep you in weight-loss mode without you snapping back to your old habits.

  5. Thanks for the discount code for Jen’s BBG program! I only bought it directly through the link, so thanks a lot for that.

    • Sarah G. Sarah G. at

      Yeah, I actually updated my main post after seeing this link get shared a few times. I’m all for people saving money, especially if it means more people will give this workout a try. Thanks for sharing Jenn.

  6. Thanks for the review. I almost bout the kayla program but it was way too expensive.

  7. Time to hit the New Year with force! Thanks!

    • Sarah G. Sarah G. at

      No problem! Good luck with your results!

  8. Hey Sarah! After seeing your fantastic results, I decided to pick up the program myself and I have to say it’s going really great so far – I’m in love with this new workout. Thanks again for the coupon link that a few people have posted here (

    Just wanted to show my support. Keep up the results!

    Sincerely, Bettina.

    • Sarah G. Sarah G. at

      Hey Bettina,

      That means a lot, and I’ll go ahead and add this coupon to my blog since several women have told me about it now. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
      Sarah xx

  9. Since you already have Jen’s workout – would you say it’s difficult?

    • Sarah G. Sarah G. at

      Not at all. Very easy to follow.

  10. Thanks for your review. Quick question – I just purchased Jen Ferruggia’s guide and I’m wondering if the level 2 upgrade is worth it.

    • Sarah G. Sarah G. at

      Hi there Dollie, thank you for reading my blog.
      I bought level 2 when I first bought Jen’s Bikini Body Workouts. In my opinion it is very much worth it, but you don’t have to buy it. I’m not up to level 2 yet but had a look through and can tell it’s going to have me sweating lol. Good luck Dollie and please let us know how it goes for you xx

  11. Looking for friends to help stay motivated and workout together. Just started Week 1. I’m rebuilding strength and endurance – stopped working out after losing a family member in March and just recovered from small knee injury. Could use some extra support in this 12 week journey

    • Sarah G. Sarah G. at

      Hey there Miriam.
      I wish you luck on your journey. Make sure you check with your doctor if this program will work for you, I don’t really have problems with my knees so I can’t provide much of an opinion there. Hope you crush it in your journey though!

  12. Your good health really shows in your face in that ‘after’ shot – you look like you are glowing from the inside!

  13. I haven’t tried BBG but I’ve heard great things! I may have to try it out sooner or later.

  14. This is so detailed! I love it! Def want to give this a try!

  15. I like following a weights/exercise program when I go to the gym, but I also like the flexibility you described for cardio days. I will definitely check out this program.

  16. This is my third time starting the BBG program (not by choice) and you really do see results if you stick to it and take progress photos. I totally did what you did and followed it EXACTLY to get the results I wanted, but it got so boring for me!

  17. I think that you look great! I tried BBG with a friend for about a week. The workouts were great!

  18. You look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your review and progress! I started BBG a couple times, but kept giving up, but I need to get back on this, especially after having baby #2. Good job!!

  19. Thanks! This definately motivated me alot. I am already on this path. seeking the abs. and I think if I follow this plan then I can achieve it by next month. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. Cheers!

  20. Great post! I have played about with the BBG and love it but have to takes breaks from it often due to a posts injury that just won’t heal. There are a lot of burpees that I simply can’t do. I must have skipped over that part. That’s basically that I do when I am injured. Lots of lower ab and hip flexor strengthening. Cheers!

  21. Hi, I wanted to ask if the free week of workouts are from the first week of the actual e-book? Also, does it work in such a way that only the arm workout is done on for example Monday, and then you carry on with the leg workout on Wednesday and finally the abs workout on Friday?

  22. Martha at

    I was thinking of getting Kayla’s BBG, and I came across your blog while finding reviews about Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. Do you think it’s really worthy of it’s high price tag??

  23. Cassie at

    Hello! The second time round I followed the eating plan and lost a lot of weight. The times I just ate healthy and normal, I got stronger, but did not see much difference in body fat.
    Hope that this can help others!!!

  24. Paula35 at

    Being 35 years old do I need to modify this at all? I feel like it is geared towards people in their 20’s but I train 4-5 times a week etc. Also could I use the eating plan for my hubby too?

  25. Raluca at

    This is an adivce for everyone!!!If you are exercising regularly then I do not think you need to modify it at all. I would only recommend modification if someone was new to working out or had an injury/history of knee problems etc. The eating plan can definitely be used for your husband although he might want to eat more as the HELP guide is designed for women.

  26. Elena at

    Hey beauty..!!! loved your review and thumbs up for your transformation..!!!! i want to ask one thing… i’m thinking of purchasing the bbg..i have all the equipment needed in my house but is it possible to use another equipment instead of the bosu ball…??? i dont have that and as far as i’m lookin it’s a little bit expensive…so any alternatives..???

  27. Sarah at

    Hello I write this just to ask if you followed the nutrition guide also? I eat healthy. Is it necessary to get the nutrition guide then? Would i see more dramatic changes with the nutrition guide?

  28. Felicia at

    I’m so glad I could help you and I’m so excited for you to take this journey Please keep me updated on what you think about it!

  29. Britney at

    I am thinking of pursuing her body guide but I don’t have an ebook. Do you have any idea if I can print it from a home computer? Also did her workouts do anything for your chest area? Also did your back get toned up at all?

  30. Cristina at

    I bought the guide some time ago and currently i’m on week 6. I saw that on weeks 9-12 the resistance training days increase to 3-4. However, the guide only provides circuits for 3 (monday, wednesday and friday). Do you know which one is supposed to be repeated if I want to do 4 days in a week?

  31. Jaklina at

    Hmmm, I’m just wondering what do you need to do after you finish the entire 12 week workout? Do you just need repeat it all over again?

  32. Narcisa at

    Thanks you for the review! I cannot wait to try this guide, and you helped make my decision a lot easier.

  33. Zora at

    Hi! I’m very confused with the whole week 1-3, etc etc stuff.. Is it week 1 and 3 or week 1 through / to week 3? I just bought the guide and I’m confused.

  34. Florina at

    Hello, I just saw your review and without any worries bought the guide, I read the pages but I’m still a little confused.The workouts say monday, wednesday and friday… So is that mean only for those days? and on top of the those days, we need to add the cardio and stretching as per instructed ?thank you so much.. and well done on your progress!!

  35. Garcia at

    Hey.Thank you for this great, detailed review. I’m definitely thinking of buying this workout series. But I need to ask -do you need two benches? What are they used for!? Trying to see if I can get away with just one high step I have inside my house. Thnks again!!

  36. Jessy at

    Hey! I was considering trying this program, it’s winter in Australia and I’m normally pretty fit but finding I unmotivated at the moment. My question is this: what does Kayla recommend in regards to after the 12 weeks, like how to maintain or continue the fitness levels and progress? That’s always the hardest part for people I feel

  37. Kelly at

    I’ve just purchased this as well – from reading it through, my understanding is once you get to the ende you keep repeating weeks 9-12 (as your fitness is at this level, rather than weeks 1, 2, 3 etc). Hope that helps!

  38. Patricia at

    Thank you so much for this helpful and wonderful review! But I have a question about the schedule and time commitment that I’m hoping you have an answer. I know you mentioned circuit training 3x per week, but what do the rest of the days look like? Is there cardio every other day and on top of the circuits? And how long does the LISS typically take? Thanks in advance!

    • Emma at

      So, you can kind of structure the cardio as you want. The amount varies from 3x to 5x per week, and HIT training is introduced only during the last 4 weeks. Weeks 5-8 see the most cardio so you would be doing 3x circuits and at least 3x sessions of cardio. You can structure that however you wish, for example doing circuit training MWF and cardio TTS, or you can do circuit training in the morning and then cardio at night. LISS is typically 35 minutes at least.
      I hope this helps!

  39. Gayla at

    I think I do not see anymore. Where are the specific hiit and liss weekly schedules? I only see the example schedule.. I’ve looked so many times 🙁

  40. Ratchel at

    Hello everyone! I want to start a for, healthy life and I saw so many girls who followed BBG and how their body have transformed! I just wanted to ask from where I can get the BBG ? Thanks!

  41. Adele at

    Hi! Great post! I bought the guide a few days ago and I’am starting it today… I have just a quick question: Will each circuit be performed twice for 7 minutes each? For example, perform circuit 1 for 7 minutes then rest for 30-90 seconds, perform circuit 2 for 7 minutes then rest. And then I have to repeat it?

  42. Keara at

    I really like your review! I’m a student and I can’t afford gym membership and also i can’t justify purchasing expensive equipment… would it still be worth for me to purchase the ebook?

  43. Brenda at

    I’ve just started bikini body guide, but what am I supposed to eat when the nutrition plan for 1 week is over? I don’t know really what to eat after that plan, and if I don’t know then I will be eating the wrong things. Any advice?

  44. Evy at

    Very well constructed Review, loved it! Do you happen to have a before and after picture? Have a nice day!

  45. Stacy at

    I really want to purchase this E-Book except that I’m a little concerned that it won’t work. I’ve seen progress pictures and not sure if they’re fake, over exaggerated, rare results etc. I know I can’t be guaranteed results but do you really recomend this program? Or anyone else has something to say?

  46. Britney21 at

    I think I’ve got it. The resistance trainings are her workouts and you do LIIS and HIIT and stretchers on your own or follow what she recommends. Thank you.

  47. Greta at

    Thank you for a great and detailed review! But I have a question. I want to buy the BBG and I’m only 15, is it a good idea or should I wait a few more years?

  48. Elena24 at

    Could you please give me one example of her suggested cardio/LISS workouts? I really want to buy the guide, but I want to be clear on what I will have to do on the days that I am not doing her M/W/F training sessions.

  49. Leah at

    I think that you did an amazing job! I’ll start bbg program today but I’ve a Q. What exercises you did in other days like sunday and tuesday because i dont speek english very good so i dont understand the book 100%.

  50. Martha at

    Hi! I’m hoping that one of you can answer to my question which is the following: If you do both the nutrition and workout guide, but with the nutrition guide you have something different for the dinner each night, (as i still live with my parents) will you still see changes? (Also the dinners we eat are healthy). I’m thinking that this is ok but I want you opinion too. Thanks!

  51. Melinda at

    First of all congratulations for the good results and keep up the good work. I just downloaded her guide but there are a few things I don’t properly understand. In the guide she only describe monday, wednesday and friday workouts(circuit). But she don’t include the days to do cardio. So do i have to do cardio on tuesday en thursday? I cant find that anywhere in the guide. Please help me out. Today is day 2 and I decided to walk outside for half a hour just in case the cardio is on tuesday.

  52. Alexandra at

    Amazing review! I am on day one of the guide. I also got the nutrition guide and some items, such as almond milk, aren’t mentioned. Would that count for 1 portion of dairy? Wondering if someone has the same dilemma? Thanks

  53. Gina at

    Hi! My question for you is about the “look” that this book targets. I noticed you don’t need much equipment or weights for the exercises, but what if you want to gain muscle mass? Are the exercise made so we can add our own weights if we want?? Or we shouldn’t?

  54. Sore at

    Thank you for this awesome overview! My question is did you ever skip a day or two of the plan? If so, did you do anything to make up for the missed workout? With school starting again I know I am going to be extremely busy and am afraid I may not find the time on some days to complete the workouts assigned.

  55. Diana at

    Hey there! Just wondering what weights you used for the medicine ball are the actual weights themselves? I’ve never owned a medicine ball and I’m not sure where to start. Cya!

  56. Tatiana at

    hello I’m very happy that i came on your page, btw very good review, but i don’t understood something (i’m chilean, we speak spanish maybe something got lost in translation) it’s a 12 week program with exercises, for example the first week monday, wednesday and friday but it says to do
    2-3 sessions of ressistance training
    2–3 sessions of LISS cardio training
    1 rehabilitation (stretch) session
    the exercises on the guide (i.e. week 1) are the 3 session of ressistance training?
    if it’s not then how do i know which one is LISS and which one is ressistance
    thank you so much i hope to get an answer soon because i want to start next week.

  57. Janice at

    Have you lost any weight with this program? Did you follow the food guide?…..if not, how many calories were you eating? I have the guide, i just don’t have the nutrition guide. Thanks!

  58. Shay at

    Well I feel a lot of confusion when it comes about the LIIS and HIIT part of the program, like what exercise is considered a LIIS or a HIIT??

  59. Monica at

    I’m thinking about purchasing and starting this 12 week BBG program. I just have one question. At the moment I am not excercising so much. I’m not so fit, so to say. Do you think this guide works for people like me, who don’t have great condition and strength to start with, or can it be a bit to hard? Thanks for your review, it helped me a lot to take a decision!

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    I just have a quick question for you, though the guide does result in changes are there any advice for keeping the weight off after completing the guide? Am really researching this before buying it!

  61. Dejana at

    Hello, I’m thinking to purchase the BBG program because I have been trying to get fit and healthy but just haven’t seen results and I saw the equipment requirements. I don’t actually have weights and I’m not sure about buying them. Is there a substitute or something?

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    I have some short questions. I’m about to buy the guide but I’m questioning myself a lot about the weight loss. I would like to get in shape but without losing too much weight. I read your review but since i am quite small and have quite a small breast too I’m afraid it will all go away. Would you recommend to still take the nutrition plan and the training program or just the training program? Thank you!

  63. Sarah at

    My twin sister and I started doing the free BBG workout guide this week and we absolutely love it! I was just wondering which exercise equipment are the most important? We already have one set of dumbbells, which we share and that works just fine, but none of the other equipment. Also, the boseball, how often do you use it in the guide? Do you only use it once or more than once? I also was wondering what you would think is best to get, just the workout guide or the bundle? We already eat pretty healthy right now.

  64. Janice at

    I’m currently in 1st year as a student and I downloaded the free workout. I just want to know does it also have the same effect such as the 12 week bikini body guide because I really don’t have money to buy the entire guide? Thanks

  65. Michaela at

    Hmm where did you do your workouts? Because I noticed that in some of the workouts you need benches and like bosuballs, did you use your local gym or improvised at home?

  66. Karen at

    Loved this review! I am on week 1 myself and I’m kind of confused about the formatting of the workouts as well- so i will have to take your advice about reading the instructions carefully.
    What did you use to create the graphic of equipment needed? Thanks!

  67. Gabriella at

    Hello! I’m considering to purchase the BBG workout guide although I was just wondering if the medicine ball is necessary? I do not own one and would prefer if I did not have to purchase one. Is it used for many exercises? and is there anything else you could use as a replacement?

  68. Rose at

    I’m wondering if there is a certain weight medicine ball that the BBG program recommends? I’m getting the BBG for my birthday (bf shouldn’t have used our shared credit card.. saw it on the statement!) and I’m just trying to plan what equipment I need to buy in advance. Thanks!

  69. Katy at

    I just bought the BBG and am very excited to start using it and can’t wait to see some results (even some small just to see something)! I find the guide a bit confusing and your blog has given me some clarity but I still do have one question. It seems that each workout session/day is only 28 minutes (minus any warmup cardio or stretching). Does it only take this short amount of time or are we supposed to supplement the 28 minute workout with other LISS or brief workout of other kinds? Is it recommended that the days you do the resistance sessions (MWF), keep it to just 28 minutes? Thank you!

  70. Kitty at

    I just want to know if it is a 7 day a week commitment or if it offers flexibility with one or two rest days. You also mentioned you can split the LISS and circuit within the day, so is your full day work out longer than 28 minutes (excluding rests etc)? I quite like the idea of being able to fit in a roughly 30 minute exercise session per day as life is so busy!

  71. Mariana at

    The guide does seem quite confusing and I really want to know as much of the background as possible before purchasing ie. exact equipment required etc
    So as per all answered questions above the circuit training (from the guide) needs to be done 3 times a week and then mixed in with LISS and HIIT. For week 1- 12 do you have to do some form of exercise every day (7 days a week) or is each week different.

  72. Anabelle at

    Thank you for your review. I have the bbg program and tried to start, but for the arms workout aka workout two, it has an exercise called lay down push ups.
    For the life of me I can barely manage 1 rep, I just don’t have to strength to hold my whole body weight with my arms bent next to my chest. Did you have this problem? And if you did, what did you do instead?Thanks a lot for this helpful review!

  73. Rita at

    Hey Everyone! I recently bought her guide, but I am so confused on how to use it!Any advice for a beginner? Please help!

  74. Amanda at

    Hey! I’m wondering if you used only her fitness book or did you also purchase the book on eating healthy? If you did buy the book on healthy foods, how closely did you follow it? It is important? Can it be ignored with some healtly food?

  75. Maria at

    I’am Maria I’am 17 years old and I’m so freaking fat and I really how my body looks like. I need to have extra results in a less time so what can i do? I’m lost i don’t know how to start , am just done trying I can’t lose weight , Help me please!

  76. Amy at

    Hi, For the weeks 5,6,7,8 is it important to have at least one day for resting or is it possible to spread out the workouts into the full 7 days without any day to rest?

  77. Daiana at

    I was just wondering do you thin my results would be effected if I just did the arm workout due to knee/ankle problems but do a double arm workout? A really apreaciate your effort!!

  78. Mark at

    Can I do the BBG if I am already fit?( this is what i think) Like I am not overweight or something and I do a lot of sports… I lift 3x a week and I’m looking for something new. Would you recommend it?

  79. Ashely at

    This is such a helpful review! I am on week one day one of the BBG (the beginning) – having finally found some motivation 3 weeks post purchase. Short question, how do we know what size of the weights we should use?

  80. Billy at

    Hi I was wondering how many days a week the BBG requires exercising?

  81. Helen at

    Excellent review of the guide as a whole. I just purchased and did the first work out today. Phew, it was wonderfully challenging and you feel great afterwards! However, I did have a question about the nutrition guide. As it explains, the calorie intakes are around 1600 calories a day. Because I don’t really have much fat to lose (121 lbs, 5’6″ and on the verge of underweight according to BMI)and am focusing more on muscle strength and toning, I’m afraid to keep my intake this low. I was wondering if you had a macronutrient percentage breakdown that could be followed for someone consuming more calories to maintain weight but promote fat loss?

  82. Allison at

    I’d really like to try Kayla’s guide, but my mom thinks it could be a bit of a scam, she says she’s seen so many products like this that only show you the positive testimonies and pictures of fantastic results. I really think it looks legit. After reading your review and chain of questions/comments, I am even more interested.

  83. Ally at

    I found Kayla on Instagram a few months ago and really enjoy her photos how she looks and the amazing body transformations…however, I am about to turn 51 and not sure if this course would be right for someone my age. I am pretty active and am looking for something I have not tried. I read about you being 32, but do you think you could do it at 51?

  84. Julia at

    Hello! I just got the guide and I am SUPER confused about how the whole 7 minute thing and the week thing works. Could you explain?

  85. Martha at

    I am so glad I found your blog I love how thorough everything is! I started week one this week and because I work night shift I know I won’t be able to do split work outs (LISS in am and resistance in PM). Do you think it’s ok to just do LISS right before resistance training?

  86. Andreea at

    Hi, if the eating plan consists of 1600 calories then how what foods should I cut from it to consume 1300? Thanks!

  87. Roshi at

    I started Monday and i find that i have no upper body strength, i ended up doing the push-ups on my knees, will i get better as i go along?
    Also im really wanting to get the tops of my legs into shape they are the biggest part of me so can you suggest any good ideas on whats the best workout for this area?
    Thanks very much.

  88. Pagge at

    hello! I was wondering if you are supposed to complete the circuits twice for each day?

  89. Angela at

    I was hoping to get some answers here! hopefully you can help me.. My question is,do you know if Kayla permits/recommends doing liss and hiit on the same day and one followed by the other? or would it be beter to do one in the morning and one at night?

  90. Grace at

    I’m now week 2 but I didn’t follow the meal plan. I only make my own similiar healthy plan around 1200-1500 calories.
    However I am afraid that I cannot reach the goal. Since I have been remain an under-800-calorie diet for a long time, but now I feel like I’m gaining weight instead of getting lean.

  91. Ludmilla at

    Hello- I just started the guides and it is very hard for me. I mean HARD.
    I am 35 years old and I exercise 5 days a week. Soul cycle, run and hiking. I realized I needed to do more cross training and boy was I right! I keep a very clean diet of real food- gluten & dairy free, etc. Even though cardio fit clearly very poor ab and arm strength. I have started the pre-workout routine and even struggling with that. Any tips? Recommendations? How do women who have just had a baby or never worked out just jump into this guide

  92. Beatrice at

    I m 29 year old.. I have been trying to lose weight from couple of months.. Nothing is helping.. Ll this guide help me lose weight and tone my body?

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  94. Christophor at

    I’ve read before that doing ab exercises when you’re stomach isn’t completely flat will not give you abs until you get rid of the excess fat, and I’ve noticed in a lot of progress pictures girls have gained abs from her guide. I myself, am 5’1 and 123lbs, not overweight by any means, but I do have a little lower stubborn belly fat that i would like to get rid of. Do her workouts flatten your stomach and then give you abs in the process? I really would like to know before I invest and begin in the guide. Thank you in advance!

  95. Isabel at

    Hi, I live in Thailanda and I am wondering how accessible all of this is out here. I don’t have access to equipment (maybe a medicine ball) and am a bit limited to foods. Are there recommended substitutes for equipment? What types of foods are in the nutrition guide? And how much space do you need? Has anybody done this in Bali?

  96. Rachel at

    I purchase the guide about a week ago and did my first week. I fell amazing,I love my body

  97. Dorian at

    i’m wondering how many medicine ball are needed for bbg exercise ?

  98. Lorraine at

    I loved going and reading through everyones comments. I have a question! I started Kaylas BBGs 7 weeks ago and did it consistently for a good 5 weeks. I was feeling great, but a lot happened that kept me out of the gym for the last two weeks (weeks 6 and 7) so now here I am, behind, on week “8” if I had never stopped. Question is- should I go back and start from where I left off in week 6? Can in incooperate weeks 6 and 7 with week 8-9?

  99. Bronte at

    I’m turning 27 next week and I’m already skinny 119-121 lbs and 5’5, so I don’t want my legs to get skinnier like I’ve seen a lot of women experience. I want to tone my legs and get larger thighs. Not really muscly or anything like that. I have wide shoulders that look kind of manly so even though relatively large arm muscles look good on the other women with the bbg, it’s not going to look good on me. I also don’t know if the guide focuses on flutes enough. I really want to grow them like lisa morales( dream body). Thank you!

  100. Kay at

    When do I know to start HIIT and how many days a week/how long do I do it for in weeks 9-12?

  101. Marsy at

    I want to make sure it really does work. Every time I see a new transformation on Kayla’s Instagram, I feel motivated and want to buy it. If these beautiful women can do it, then so can I right? I’m afraid that I won’t eat what she recommends! I am so torn! Please help! Thank you

  102. Ariel at

    I really want to get started on the guide but I leave for holidays in 2 weeks for two months and most likely wont be able to keep up the training! do you think its worth getting it now ?

  103. Bryana at

    Hi everybodyy! I started the guide but I have a doubt. Everywhere says that each circuit takes 7 min and repeating twice each one, you complete 30 minutes. I´m doing them in less time.It is ok or is neccesary to repet?

  104. Dyanna at

    Hello, I have started the BBG guide multiple times and never gotten through the first 4 weeks. I am finally ready to make my health a priority.I am very happy
    Many thanks

  105. Annabele at

    Hey! i was wondering what do you do once the 12 week guide is over i have heard u start all over again but i dont see how that would work as you are building up exercise the slowing right back down. So i was just wondering what i should do after the 12 weeks to continue seeing results

  106. Ashley at

    I’ve been contemplating doing this since I’ve noticed my body changing (in a bad way)
    How necessary is following her nutritional guide? I don’t eat terribly, but I’m not crazy healthy or eat clean either. Just wondering from your experience how you tended to eat while you did this. Thanks!

  107. Inna at

    I am just wondering, does the BBG help you lose weight, build muscle, or Just tone ?

  108. Gaucci at

    I really want to start with BBG, I bought it but i dont understand how it works
    For example: Legs and cardio: ALL the circuit one or only one exercise from the circuit one during 7 minutes and then from “arms & abs” ?
    Im a little bit lost, i really want to know how it works if you can detail me how a complete day would be.

  109. Sandra at

    I started the bbg programm yesterday and i can’t understand the LISS and HIIT day yet, even i read it over and over again..
    should i do the power walk for 35-40min or running for 15 min? could i jog too?for how long?

  110. Julyen at

    Hi, I have been doing the bbg for a while now. I used to love doing the ab exercises but I can’t seem to anymore without feeling soreness and pain at my inner thigh which I suppose is connected to the hips? I’ve seen a doctor about the pain and he did tell me to stop and that I wasn’t doing the exercises right. He said that for women, having both legs up in ab exercises are not good because we have shorter and tauter muscles around the hips than men and we must only raise one leg at a time. But I feel that that won’t have the same impact and burn on the abs as having both legs going up and down.
    Sorry this has been a long post. I just need some clarification and some help as after consuming the doctor’s prescription of joint supplements for 2 months while pausing my workouts, I got back to working out only to find out that I still have not been healed.
    Really troubled and hope you can help me out! Thanks!

  111. Emilly at

    Hi! I chanced upon your website when I was searching for kayla BBG review because I don’t understand the guide…. So for week 1 we just follow the weekly routine? But how many sets per circuit? What does it mean by “circuit” too?? I saw that there’s HIIT and some others which makes me even more confusing haha. Hope that you get what I mean!! Thank you in advance

  112. Indila at

    I’ve loved and hated the Bikini Body Guide in so many ways. On the one hand – it makes you work HARD. I remember I would look at an exercise (like commandos) and think “that one looks fun”. To my dismay, they were not fun. They were terrible!
    Ive temporarily given up on the Guide after a few weeks of very busy comings and going and not being home near my gym, but I’m planning on restarting very soon! In the mean time, I’ve been maintaining my cardio and working on cleaning up my eating habits before I restarting this process.

  113. Lefka at

    This is the best fitness decisions I have ever made. I have no idea how I used to do workouts, such as Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, without these. I used to have to hold my phone while doing workouts, or tuck it into the pockets

  114. Zorasa at

    I feel really stupid, but even though I have always been really active. I don’t know if it’s just that I am over thinking things but I don’t understand the basic timing for the BBG Workouts. Do you repeat the workouts for 30min, or do each workout for 7 minutes?

  115. Karla at

    weight loss programs. Because there are enough results that prove its efficacy

  116. Soranna at

    While both have a focus on circuit training, the FBG does have a different focus to the BBG. The BBG focus more on explosive, plyometric moves while the FBG incorporates more strength training type

  117. Mat at

    Where do I find the rest of the workout… I only see the first 6 days. Thank you for your help.

  118. Mugurusa at

    I have been wanting to buy this product for a long time and have finally decided to with the new month coming up. I have one question though that no review seems to talk about: how much money is spent at the grocery to buy the “recommended” foods? Thanks!

  119. Nicki at

    I have a bad wrist and cannot bend it 90 degrees, especially while putting weight on it, like in a pushup. Will this limit me from most of the exercises in this program?

  120. Salvador at

    Es un excelente plan de entrenamiento, muy completo, excelente editora!
    Muchas felicitaciones!!!!

  121. Sheilla at

    Hi, i have been doing this program for 2.2 weeks now, and its really great. But i’m clueless as to what program i should continue with once the 4 weeks is up, any suggestions?

  122. Melania at

    Hello! I’m interested by this program but I remember reading somewhere that you need to increase weight in order tosec results? I thought that only basic workout equipment was required??

  123. Ahmed at

    Does it matter where you incorporate the added cardio that starts on week 3?

  124. Gloria at

    I am very interested in this porigram but wanted to view a sample workout to see what the exercises are involved. Do you happen to enclose that on the webpage? Thanks so much!

  125. Heylin at

    How can we save this on the BodyBuilding App on my phone so I can take the workouts with me??

  126. Stacy at

    I’d like to start this routine and have some questions.
    For week 1 it says do straight sets resting 30-45 seconds inbetween. Does this mean I do exercise 1 for 4 sets in a row before moving onto exercise 2. Or, do I complete exercises 1 – 8 then repeat 3 more times?

  127. Ora at

    A few days ago I bought this product but I can’t find my interactive e-book with the online videos. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

  128. Eddie at

    This actually looks like something that I could stick to and not get bored! I need to lose about 20 lbs and I hope this will help me!

  129. Manuela at

    Hi, my goal is not to loose a lot of weight, I think i need to loose between 4 to 6 pounds. What i want is to :
    – have abs, a squat booty and loose some cellulite from my legs and booty.
    – learn how to eat healthy and exercise to always be in shape.

  130. Porter at

    I need to seriously lose 12kg. Will this help me? Please help

  131. Mella at

    I am starting this program today to gear up for my 30th birthday in September! I have a question about doing the chest exercises as my boobs are finally growing…. I feel like if I partake in the chest exercises I will go back to muscular, small boobs… any suggestions?

  132. Ignor at

    I am going to start this today, I cannot wait to see the results. I have been following the same weight lifting programme for several months and need to switch it up

  133. Bianca at

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  134. Dedee at

    Just going to start this tomorrow…. I am a vegetarian does that matter?
    Also I have to cycle to gym which is 10kms away and home will this be a problem with muscle building?
    Also I love swimming can I still do that twice or once a week?

  135. Ombria at

    Very excited to try this. Let’s push it.

  136. Kyile at

    Hey, I just got the workout program by Jen Ferugia two days ago and I’m already loving it! It’s really fun and simple. My doughter likes it too. I’m already excited and I can’t wait to see the results. Hope that trem will be as yours!!!

  137. Perla at

    Can I track this program on Bodyspace? I would love to start today.

  138. Marcella at

    On my 5th day Jen’s workout.. and you are absolutely right, it’s really very fun and effective. Thanks for your rocommandations!!

  139. Deboraa at

    I just started this workout last week. I’m feeling great and beyond motivated! The daily routines absolutely rock and I look forward to training every day. I am looking to do my 1st competition in less than 7 weeks so do you have any suggestions as to what workout I should continue with after these 4 weeks are complete? Can I continue with this one? From my understanding, my last week training should cut back. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  140. Carmen at

    This looks like a good starting workout plan for me. I can do all the exercises at my gym and feel comfortable doing them. Thanks to whomever put this one together! Day one begins now!

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  142. Jessey at

    could u move certain days eg plyo may have to swap based on gym traffic etc because of equipment neededed/room etc? Or does it have to be in order

  143. Vince at

    What if I work out first thing in the morning. What would I eat before I go. I normally don’t really eat before I go. Would I still eat the meals 4 and 5 later in the day?

  144. Anne Lee at

    I reccomend to switch up the meals and space your meals so you get a good source of carbohydrates pre and post workout!

  145. Megan at

    Hey! I just want to thank you for recommending this workout! It’s so simple, effective and fun. I’ve lost about 13 lbs in 2 weeks using your diet plan and Jen’s bikini body workout. Thanks for sharing and waiting for more of your tips!!

  146. Otillia at

    Hi! I have a lot of trouble trying to get a workout in after work, but I sure can do it before work. I just am confused with how to place my meals? I can esily do my HIIT after work as I have a park right near my house, but prefer to go to the gyms in the morning at about 5.30-6am as its quiet and I am more focused and pump out more energy. Any help on this would be great 🙂

  147. Laureen at

    I reccomend to space your meals so you get a good source of carbohydrates pre and post workout!

  148. Barbara at

    Hello! I’m so ready to take the next step in my life and shed off a few pounds! Unfortunetly the link posted here does not worked for me to get to her website and I cannot seem to get searching for her workouts either.. any tips and how I can order the program? Thanks!

  149. Monkeybyy at


  150. Sharon at

    Looks like a workout I’d like to try!

  151. Jenny at

    Great rerview!! Very detailed and very intersting. I’m gonna purchase Jon’s workout soon. I’ve a question though. Do you exercise only with Jon’s workout program or did you use other programs too?

  152. Becky at

    I was wondering if it would be Ok if I just use my multivitamins and the protein shake and not the other supplements. I’m a little scared to use a fat burner… any suggestions?

  153. Nini at

    I’m very happy to see that it hits on a lot of the areas I want to tone up in. Thanks for posting!

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    I’m starting this workout before we head over to Thailand in 4 weeks time…super excited. Where can I see befores and afters of people who completed this program?

  155. Kristen at

    I don’t understand where the HIIT training comes in each week. is it only 3 times a week of whatever you want for 20 minutes? It does’t look like it’s included in the weekly plan

  156. Samantha at

    “A superset means that you do two movements back-to-back with no rest. After doing both exercises, you’ve done one superset.”

    Then for the actual workout you prescribed, each day is 3-4 sets of each exercise. So I’m kind of confused. I’ve never done supersets before so I’m not sure how to do them.

    Does not mean that you do the first two exercises right after the other with no rest, then rest for a few minutes, then repeat the same two exercises again with no rest in between them (now done with 2 supersets) rest a few minutes, and so on until you reach the 3 or 4 sets you have listed?

  157. Brenda25 at

    I think i will try this thank you!!!

  158. Ginna at

    Assuming you do the exercises in the same order as prescribed.Rest 30-45 seconds between each superset for adequate recovery. ”
    I’m really confused here:) Do I keep doing supersets of the first two exercises until I reach 3-4 supersets as you have listed for each day, OR, is it only the first two excercises back to back (ONLY ONE SET OF EACH) and them move on to the next superset with the next two exercises (ONLY ONE SET OF EACH)??. however, at the end of the workout, I will have done only one set of each exercise when you mention for each day that 3-4 sets are to be done for each exercise.

  159. John45 at

    I’m trying to help my other half(wife) get in shape. Thanks for this great informations!

  160. Isabel at

    I think you have a really balanced physique! As someone who has always stayed pretty active but never really done a program I’m wondering if this program is what I need to really challenge me and to tackle the areas which still need more work- legs, butt & abs! Would you recommend this program for me? Any advice/input would be much appreciated. thanks.

  161. Marcia at

    When is recommended do your HIIT training workouts? In the morning? or before/after weight training?

  162. Alexandra21 at

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  163. Olga at

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  164. Soranna at

    HIIT is the best for any body. That’s what I love CrossFit so much,i burn fat so so quickly. I get in my lifting and cardio all done within an hour! Less time in the gym, and leaner all year round 🙂

  165. Natasha at

    I started this programme two weeks ago, so far so good.
    Looking forward to seeing some results over the next 5 weeks

  166. Samantha at

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  167. Aglines at

    I’m wondering if there will be a template created to use with the bodyspace app?

  168. Melinda at

    This looks like an amazing program but I’m confused, it says to do 3 days of HIIT for 20 min…is that whatever you want? Or am I missing something?

  169. Kristian at

    Hello! I’m a nursing mother, can I take the fat burner and calories or i have to skip them and stay with the multivitamin and protein powder because of breast feeding?

  170. tobias at

    I followed this plan for full weeks and I enjoy it so much that I’m going to continue it for another 4 weeks! Lost 4 lbs and gained some serious endurance, very pleased 🙂

  171. Ann at

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  172. Chealsea at

    Starting this tomorrow & I’m BEYOND pumped! Gotta get ready for the 2 weddings I’m in this summer!

  173. Deyan at

    I want to try this-I’ve been seriously training for a little over a year and have lost a significant amount of weight-but to lose that last 5% of bf has been quite the challenge. How would you modify these workouts? I find it difficult sometimes in the gym to get from one exercise to the next within a small amount of time due to the layout of the gym and other people using the things at the time I would need them. Would you mix up the order of the exercises? Is it less effective if the rest time in between is longer just because of getting to the next area or gathering weights?

  174. Kylie at

    I just can wait to join in this adventure!!! I’m ready to get this body together not just for the summer for a lifetime! After I started the 12 week transform challenge I have found a passion for fitness! Let’s do this! Ready to inspire others!!

  175. Marsella at

    how do I find this program on bodyspace? I’ve searched for it numerous of times

  176. Samir at

    Wow, just did Week #1 workout #1!! Great workout

  177. Milly at

    I am so excited to join this just because I need and also want a change in a good way of my body! I feel like this is going to give me that extra boost to kick it up a notch. Plus with all the support and help from everyone in the challenge it will only inspire me more! Let’s get it!

  178. Yousri at

    I am finding it hard to fit in the HIIT cardio workouts. What are your thoughts on doing 30-45 secs of jumping, skipping, skaters or some exercises in between supersets instead?

  179. Daiana at

    I am so excited to start this workout before my birthday I will go to visit Charleston, SC with my other half!!!

  180. Vanevay at

    Very excited to be doing this as my next program!!

  181. Mlindy at

    Love her philosophy on training! I also like the outdoor videos. Changing up the workouts from the gym to outdoor is an awesome way to keep the body guessing and push past plateaus

  182. Annete at

    I’m so excited to start this. Thank you for sharing.

  183. Raymond at

    I am on week 3 and loving it – I thought I was in fit but this is kicking my butt! Quick question – what is the difference between CLA and fat burners?

  184. Nicole at

    I’ve hit a plateau, and have been frustrated. This will be perfect! Will be starting tomorrow! Thank you very much!

  185. Jimanna at

    Now I am completing the fourth week and I just want to say thank you for such a great guide!! I can see a complete change in my body and my overall lifestyle.

  186. Linda at

    This is just what I need! I hit the gym 6 days a week, and my body never changes. Starting tomorrow! Thanks.

  187. Anabel at

    I have a left leg knee problem that hurts when i jump, what alternative do you recommend for the plyo workout?

  188. Axy at

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  189. Jidy at

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  191. Teofil at

    Can marinades be used on the meats?

  192. Melinda at

    I can’t wait to see some amazing changes/results with my shapes. I definitely want to lean up and get stronger for summer (August)! is there a specific way to join or just follow your IG

  193. Myriam at

    My wedding is in three months exactly. I am looking for a workout that will give me the results I want. I had a baby about 1 year ago and lost a ton of my muscle. I DO NOT need to lose any more weight (I’m the lightest I’ve ever been) but I do need to tone my muscle back up. Please tell me if this workout/ diet suits me and if not if you have a recommendation. Right now my fianc� and I are looking into Jim stoppani “short cut to shred” I’m not sure if that’s a good one for my goals/current body or not.

  194. Kali at

    Hello! I’m stoked to try this, your IG challenge is starting at the perfect time! I think that tomorrow it’s a perfect day to start.

  195. Serena at

    How do I add this workout? can I begin tonight?

  196. Gabriela at

    I started the program today and I am so excited for the next 4 weeks. When I spoke with you at the arnold, I told you about how frustrating it is to lean out with my athletic build and my short height, it’s not a good combo for a girl to cut up… However you show me that the body type I want, with a short height, is attainable from hard work and because of that, you are my favorite physique in the fitness world and a huge inspiration of mine. I’m going to follow the diet & exercise plan exactly over the next 4 weeks and I truly hope my results reflect your physique. I’m so excited, finally I have a plan that will hopefully work for me and get me the results I want! Thank you so much for your plan!!

  197. Jeremy at

    Someone created templates and commented the links up previously if you’d like to check them out!

  198. Britney at

    I’m going to Cancun in September so this will be a great program to be added to my routine!I’m just super excited! I did HIIT and the leg work out today.

  199. Lara at

    Is it more better to do the weights first and then cardio? or vice versaa…

  200. Lauren at

    I’m gonna give a try to this and treat it like a challange! Might be fun 🙂

  201. Oty at

    Thanks for all the info!! I’m so happy to start this! I’m ready to get my body back in shape, not just for the summer, but for life!!!

  202. Nervin at

    How can I follow or add this workout so I can track it when I do it?

  203. Maggie at

    I’m joining to the bikini challenge because I think it’s a great way to get ready for august/septmeber! I’m excited because I’m already on a great track!

  204. Celine at

    I was asking…is it only the excercises in week 4 that are done in a circuit fashion? Or is it the 4 weeks?

  205. Sammy at

    Yes please!!! Super excited for a nutrition plan, have you ever worked with someone with crohn’s?

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    I love how the vitamins and supplements are included in this plan!

  207. Garcia at

    I’m nervous but I will give it a try. Everybody needs to start from somewhere right? Taking actions now whether if its slow progress. I will try. And I miss going to the beach here in Hawaii. Once my twin daughters have masters potty training. Hopefully to get bikini body ready & hit the ocean. Yay* so exciting. That ka for the chance. I’m excited to see and hear about everyone’s journey to this 4 weeks. <3

  208. Megan at

    I just finished today my 4 weeks. The change in my body has been unexpected. My muscles, my shaping, my endurance have all improved. Thanks sooo much for the workout!

  209. Lia at

    I have started this program. Supplements include ISO PURE zero carb protein powder and BCAA capsules.. I feel so motivaed to get through this and hopefully to hit the dreaming goal!


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